Adorn Again

Unique Jewelry for Discerning Women


“Something bold, something new,

Something vintage, designed for you!”


Each one-of-a-kind piece contains only the best vintage glass, crystal, or Lucite taken from disassembled necklaces dating from the 1940s and given a new life by designer Katherine Poehlmann. Some designs will include bone, coral, shell, beach glass, and natural stone elements. A full description of all components of each necklace is included with purchase. See samples (Blue, Green, White/Ivory, Amber, Silver, Ethnic/Tribal, Island-inspired) but keep in mind that each piece has some unique elements that may not be possible to duplicate.


Vintage pendants (20-50 years old) may be signed Trifari, Coro, Avon, Coro, Sarah Coventry, or other well-known manufacturer. Some pendants may be wirewrapped natural stones. Cloisonne, sculptured stone or wood, shells, fossils, and other unusual pendants are focal points of several designs.


Some beads and pendants were collected in my world travels and are no longer available. I have a limited quantity of lovely Czech and Italian vintage glass beads from the 1930s that are incorporated into some designs.


For larger necklaces, faux beads may be used to avoid the heavy weight of glass or stone.


Quality faux elements (pearls, gold, silver, and crystal) may be used to keep prices reasonable. Only an expert looking closely can tell for sure!


Earrings are purposely not included, since each necklace contains a touch of pearl or gold or silver or crystal so that the wearer can select matching earrings from her personal collection. However, I reserve a few beads from every design in order to make perfectly matched earrings, available for $8-$15, depending on quality and quantity of materials. These can be made for pierced or non-pierced ears.


Re-stringing of your multi-strand vintage necklace to a long loop that is more easily worn is another option. See the Before/After sample page.


For questions, comments, or orders based on a design you like, please email:

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